Toxic Emotions by IVAN

since the August 2014 head down IVAN has been putting great performance with his productions, ‘Without you’ hitting the BBC Radio main stream, IVAN had great dance tracks lined up.

After producing the Do it Right, IVAN had some passion calling him a little techy a little future, with his composing abilities allow him thrive between genre to genre, he has finally found a great song to end the year and perfected with an EP.

OUT 21st December

OUT 21st December

Includes 7 Dance tracks, from deep to future, tech and electro.

IVAN defiantly goes on your playlist for next year.

1: I Houser You
2: Obsession
3: Without You (BBC Aired)
4: Higher
5: Set me free
6: Do it Right
7: Meanwhile (Bonus)

Exclusive Bonus Track Meanwhile

Pre Order on iTunes

Pre Order on iTunes from Today

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How To Find The Right Producer For Your Songs



Trying to find the right producer for your songs may not be as easy as it actually sounds. As an artist, you have great visions and you will need somebody who helps you to translate these visions to the rest of the world. A good producer should bring out the best in you, even if this means hard work, sweat and tears. So one important thing your producer should definitely have is experience. It has to be somebody you can put your trust in and somebody who has the right connections in the music industry to help you achieving your goals.

Finding a match with good chemistry will give your songs more energy and will bring out the best in you as an artist. Most producers are looking for something unique in an artist, so try to keep that in mind. They are going to invest a lot of…

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Underground Vs Commercial – Does it really matter?


The quote above sums this latest Post i have written.

Does it really matter if a track is classed as underground or commercial?

After trailing through various sites and forums and other various forms of social media i have seen people actually being bullied over the net for their taste in music, because they like a commercial record, or they are not underground enough and their sets contain the likes of Martin Garrix, Avicii, Don Diablo and so forth.

I find this attitude in music absolutely ridiculous. Its narrow minded, one dimensional way of thinking and it totally annoys me. The whole underground vs commercial debate is totally stupid and not needed in the world of music. It does not make a DJ instantly cooler because he has got the latest releases by a producer who is underground. It does not make the listener or the clubber any cooler because he has totally dismissed the latest Phillip George record as absolute crap just because its commercial.


The whole idea of music is to unite people,  make people dance their problems of the week in week out grind and problems away and for people to hear new sounds, new genres and new styles, not to alienate anyone in a club. I am not a particular fan of EDM or the whole Garrix sound but i wouldn’t totally dismiss it because it was released in the charts.

You will always have a favorite genre, my favorite genre is House, I love everything to do with house music. Tech, Progressive, Piano, Bassline, Funky, Soulful, Minimal but i also like the commercial side to house, Phillip George, Don Diablo, Sigala and other artists that make it by making a release that has hit the charts. But because they are commercial doesn’t mean they are bad releases or they make you less cool because you like them.

I always have the attitude that if i like it i like, i will play it, I am going to be starting a podcast and i will be playing a mixture of commercial and underground house tunes.  My hears tell me that some of the best house records ever produced were “commercial”. Robin S – Show me love is one of my favorite house tunes ever, the vocal, the organ bassline and the feel good factor. It was released commercially and got to number 6 in the UK Charts. This was then remixed and re released by Steve Angello and Laidback Luke. This got to number 1 in the UK Dance chart and number 11 in the UK Top 40.

All i am saying is it don’t make you any less cool because you like a commercial record or any more hip because you love Sven Vath and techno which doesn’t get the media attention or Broadcasting over Radio.

Embrace music, don’t hate, Appreciate! Its nice to be different!! Don’t be a Sheep!

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Sonny B New Single (Out Now)

Sonny B, a Massive hearted London musician, Sonny B drops Dance Like Don’t give Damm, beautiful House tune calibration between London and New York.

Download Now on Beatport

Download Now on Beatport

Sonny B has been spending major time on performing London Nightclubs or events venues, He is most popular Artist in between Cypriot Turkish in London.
He is very famous with picking up atmospheres and locking with guests.

Sonny B released two Banging House tunes in the past month including Sensational.
He continues to thrive with House music and always on the look out for future collaborations with all types of Vocals.

Book Sonny B 

Listen More from Sonny B Follow His Soundcloud





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Changes on Beatport ( Artist updates )

From Today, you will notice several changes to the Beatport website to simplify how users navigate the sitebeatport

The Beatport Store will become the default homepage to anyone visiting  Since the majority of visitors come seeking the store, they’ve made it easier and quicker to get there.

The streaming service will be accessible through the new Listen menu tab at the top on the Store page. Users can now navigate between Store, Listen, Video, and News with ease.

They have also added a sub-menu to each property with links to the features unique to each, created to better surface their individual capabilities. For the Store, this includes Genres, Tracks, Releases, Charts, Stems, and Sounds.

These changes are designed to re-emphasize the importance and impact of the Beatport Store. This drives revenue for their valued partners and which their millions of loyal customers are most familiar with, while ensuring streaming remains a key pillar for fan engagement and music discovery.

You all know the importance of your Artist profile in Beatport. Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.31.56 AM

How can I add a profile picture to my artist page?
You can submit your profile picture and bio here as well as link your DJ page and Artist page: HERE

Please make sure that your picture is EXACTLY 590×404 and you have filled out all of the necessary fields.

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Verify your Artist page with Shazam and Traxsource (How)

One of the world’s most popular apps for connecting artists and fans through music discovery, today announced that its verified-artist community has achieved a combined reach of 1.4 billion followers. Starting today, is now open for all artists as a way to connect with their fans.

Now any artist, from global superstars to garage band discoveries, can join and become a verified artist. Verified artists have already published thousands of Shazams and continue to share their moments of discovery, giving fans a unique glimpse into the music that inspires them. Together these artists are helping Shazam build the world’s largest fan network, curated by artists themselves. Shazam is becoming the place where artists share the moments they discover music with their fans as they occur. To become a Verified Shazam Artist please visit

Shazam launched with 30 of the world’s leading artists. Since launch, Shazam has welcomed top performers like Pharrell, David Guetta, Sam Smith, and nearly 200 more. Last week, Shazam welcomed global music sensation Ed Sheeran, who has over 35 million followers on Shazam. His track “Thinking Out Loud” has been Shazamed 13.4 million times and is the No. 9 most Shazamed track of all time in the Shazam Hall of Fame.

“Our verified artists now have over a billion followers on Shazam, and include global sensations like Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, and Sam Smith,” said Peter Szabo, SVP, Head of Music, Shazam. “By launching, now we’re welcoming all artists to share their moments of discovery with their fans. We are creating an engagement that goes beyond a playlist or a recommendation. It’s an organic, one-of-a-kind connection between millions of fans and the artists they love.”

About Shazami0feb6xfvva0vquqzms0

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to magically connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores — and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has exceeded 20 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. Follow us on Twitter @shazam or for more information, visit

About Traxsouce 
Please Click here to fill the Artist update form to update your Artist page on Traxsource


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Is Soundcloud the biggest untapped source of fantastic unsigned Producers?

We all dream of being that top producer that everyone wants to hear, have people anticipating for that next release, have people crying out for promos of your new release and have all the top DJ’s playing your next production. Soundcloud have allowed people since October 2008 for this dream to become a reality. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss the founders of Soundcloud are music fans who wanted the world to hear bedroom producers and unsigned DJ’s get their music across to everyone from top DJ’s/Producers and record label guru’s. I for one have come across some fantastic unsigned producers and DJ’s who have made some fantastic music, i can then share this to the world by one click on my phone or laptop to all my social network accounts, this for me is fantastic.soundcloud-sign

There has been some criticism towards Soundcloud when they released information regarding membership fees to become a pro user which gives you better statistical information and upload time. There are two options Pro User which costs £3.99 a month and allows you to have 6 hours of upload time or you can pay £8 a month which allows you to have unlimited uploading time. I for one think either option is a snip and this year i will become a pro user when i start rolling out my Podcast. The price you pay is small for what could be the ultimate goal in some producers eyes, to be signed to a massive record label and who knows you could be playing some of the biggest stages or festivals in the world thanks to the Soundcloud platform.
So the question i ask for my readers is, Is Soundcloud the best way for people to hear your mixes and tunes? Is there a better platform out there for upcoming producers and DJs.

My conclusion is that Soundcloud for me is the best untapped source for producers and tracks. Free downloads of tracks that could easily be of a quality that could be played in clubs and festivals. I have found thousands of tunes that i have downloaded and i have fell in love with.

You could easily make a mix of just Soundcloud free downloads and people would think a big name producers have mixed or produced. As you can guess i love Soundcloud and think it is a fantastic tool, a fantastic promotion of peoples talents.

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Universal Grooves Dance Album (Coming December)

Since the beginning of 2014, my self and IVAN has put in so much love in to our music, we want it to to create an impact around the world touching Artist’s such as us, After realising third and fourth of our releases our sounds got recognised and favourited from Artist’s and Electronic Dance Music Fans around the world.

Using world wide web and social sites, it allowed us to be seen with wider audience, Soon after we have been approached by Amazing Artists’s such as Sonny B from London, EWAR from Canada and ASM from Latvia so we kept the fire going.

Didn’t take so long my self and Ivan’s songs was noticed by BBC Radio DJs and aired with a great soft introductions. this was one of the highest targets in our list, and we really worked hard to keep the sound crystal clear and the message out loud. but it probably were the greatest news of this year what we achieved in the release of our first year we rapidly started to climb.

Personally my twitter been booming by followers, Our Soundcloud been raided by the listeners and DJs, and we continue to thrive.

So here we release Our First Edition of Universal Grooves Album. a Selection of Dance Music meant to keep you together.
As i am telling you now, watch out for Our first edition of Electro Dance Music Album filled with Uplifting dance music tracks, perfect for any destination where you ll need a fuel.

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What I Want

Universal Grooves Exclusive list presents What I Want by Ben Prada.
Deep and groovy track here with exclusive Video. Download on iTunes 

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Music is reality said Ben Prada on Endeavour Radio

Director Endeavour

Dylan Taylor

On The 30th October Boston Radio Station presenter Katy Manning invited Ben Prada on interview on her Dance Special Show.

Ben Prada arrived at Endevour Radio at 10am with caffe’s said Katy Manning, ‘Interview is about getting local Talent also said Katy Manning, as she held regular shows at Endevour Radio. 

Katy prepared great number’s of questions for Ben Prada as he answers.

Great character has so much to say about music and great with classics’ said Ben Prada about Kathy and her welcome. as we see they both are in comfort discussing thru answers.

Notice Ben Prada going nervous as soon as he hear’s the word nervous says Kathy, he spills his caffe.

Also Ben informed us that there is new project on talk with Dylan Taylor the head of Endeavour so we are looking in to collaboration between the Radio Endeavour  and Ben Prada weekdays show. sponsor coming as  Universal Grooves the Label.

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