We have recently launched marketing promotions services for local business targeting to create more jobs for excited young up comers, new services will be providing exciting promotion opportunities for local business, giving a exclusive make over in an ongoing contracts.
Local Business:(Boston -UK only ) (PDF) Click files to Download
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WEB -for Musician and Artist’s mainly page1_pic3

Through Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks we can reach a huge audience. We can contact many more for targeted promotions. To this end, we work with strong partners and our own database, which means we can provide our service for a lower price.

Regardless of whether you want a small campaign or dream of making your first decisive step into big business, simply fill in our Promote Me form and we will give your case our full professional attention.

Please note: We only promote songs with close by styles in our productions, we do not guarantee that each application on our promotions will be accepted. but our department is here to listen and criticise your music well as promoting for the world of audience.

We check out DJs, clubs and radios all over Europe
We offer email marketing to over 10.000 Music listeners
Market yourself on various online platforms
Share your tracks on different social networks and forums