Annual celebration of 2015 -16

This holiday season, at Media Emperor my self and Team want to the thank you for your continued support throughout the years and update you on some of the progress we made in 2015.

It’s been a year of many significant achievements, and it is important that we should thank each one of you for your support and your efforts in helping spread the music, and continued to educate others about Media Emperor our partners and whats more to come.

It is important to know that we are making a difference, specially where we are now in slice of heaven called Boston in Lincolnshire, with time we will eventually reach our goals from locally to globally. it is now the second straight year of Media Emperor and has been the most productive time for the company in Boston but really slowly but surely our music is filtering out around the globe. it is now appearing as the signs of the successful work with ambitious members.

Your support and dedication have also helped us progress better and believe we already received interest of many private industries and agencies, Here are just a few examples of our continued progress and successes from this year.

We have launched Our official Web (Blog)
5 Author’s
2 part time office employees
Weekly updates ( Dance Music, DJ’s, NightClub’s, Life Style )

Our Label :

IVAN – Ben Prada
Signed over 10 Artist’s ( International )
Released over 60 Singles, 4 EP’s (Worldwide)
4 Airplay on Main Stream (BBC Radio)
One full one part time employee

Edge of Partnering with Management and Bookings
Actively in search for the right gigs for DJ’s
Provide necessary documents
DJs safety and Event satisfaction main prior

We have partnered in with web Radio channel and set to stream for 24/7 beside with Digital Dance Mag criticising today music.

We raised donations for:
DEC (March)
Sense (June)
British Heart Foundation (December)
Lincolnshire Community Foundation (September)


Tweet to Director

Theres so much more happened and wanna let you know I greatly appreciate your continued support and I believe we can all be proud of the amazing progress at Media Emperor and partners has achieved in our common goal to secure a happy, successful future, not only for ourselves but for generations to come. I look forward to continuing to inform and support you in the New Year on our journey toward empowering nothing but the Dance Music and the people who lifts the emotions.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

About Media Emperor

You need leverage. Whether it’s artwork, mixing, cinematography, or promotion, you must have something else to offer. I have an extensive background in the bar/restaurant/nightclub mainly i grow up in the Hospitality industry, Nationally and Internationally, however now my focus is on Internet Marketing, Promotions, Music Productions and Mentoring, DJing Organising shows and wear tons of other hats in the industry. Hakan Nurhak.
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