Underground Vs Commercial – Does it really matter?


The quote above sums this latest Post i have written.

Does it really matter if a track is classed as underground or commercial?

After trailing through various sites and forums and other various forms of social media i have seen people actually being bullied over the net for their taste in music, because they like a commercial record, or they are not underground enough and their sets contain the likes of Martin Garrix, Avicii, Don Diablo and so forth.

I find this attitude in music absolutely ridiculous. Its narrow minded, one dimensional way of thinking and it totally annoys me. The whole underground vs commercial debate is totally stupid and not needed in the world of music. It does not make a DJ instantly cooler because he has got the latest releases by a producer who is underground. It does not make the listener or the clubber any cooler because he has totally dismissed the latest Phillip George record as absolute crap just because its commercial.


The whole idea of music is to unite people,  make people dance their problems of the week in week out grind and problems away and for people to hear new sounds, new genres and new styles, not to alienate anyone in a club. I am not a particular fan of EDM or the whole Garrix sound but i wouldn’t totally dismiss it because it was released in the charts.

You will always have a favorite genre, my favorite genre is House, I love everything to do with house music. Tech, Progressive, Piano, Bassline, Funky, Soulful, Minimal but i also like the commercial side to house, Phillip George, Don Diablo, Sigala and other artists that make it by making a release that has hit the charts. But because they are commercial doesn’t mean they are bad releases or they make you less cool because you like them.

I always have the attitude that if i like it i like, i will play it, I am going to be starting a podcast and i will be playing a mixture of commercial and underground house tunes.  My hears tell me that some of the best house records ever produced were “commercial”. Robin S – Show me love is one of my favorite house tunes ever, the vocal, the organ bassline and the feel good factor. It was released commercially and got to number 6 in the UK Charts. This was then remixed and re released by Steve Angello and Laidback Luke. This got to number 1 in the UK Dance chart and number 11 in the UK Top 40.

All i am saying is it don’t make you any less cool because you like a commercial record or any more hip because you love Sven Vath and techno which doesn’t get the media attention or Broadcasting over Radio.

Embrace music, don’t hate, Appreciate! Its nice to be different!! Don’t be a Sheep!

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2 Responses to Underground Vs Commercial – Does it really matter?

  1. Totally agree, I don’t get caught up in the on-going ‘debates’ on this area so, if I like a track, I like it, full-stop. I think manny factor in the ‘how cool’ am I if I like this track vibe into what they do, not this guy & musik-hed. Why?:

    Because good music is good music is good music is good music repeat Ad infinitum (Y)

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