Is Soundcloud the biggest untapped source of fantastic unsigned Producers?

We all dream of being that top producer that everyone wants to hear, have people anticipating for that next release, have people crying out for promos of your new release and have all the top DJ’s playing your next production. Soundcloud have allowed people since October 2008 for this dream to become a reality. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss the founders of Soundcloud are music fans who wanted the world to hear bedroom producers and unsigned DJ’s get their music across to everyone from top DJ’s/Producers and record label guru’s. I for one have come across some fantastic unsigned producers and DJ’s who have made some fantastic music, i can then share this to the world by one click on my phone or laptop to all my social network accounts, this for me is fantastic.soundcloud-sign

There has been some criticism towards Soundcloud when they released information regarding membership fees to become a pro user which gives you better statistical information and upload time. There are two options Pro User which costs £3.99 a month and allows you to have 6 hours of upload time or you can pay £8 a month which allows you to have unlimited uploading time. I for one think either option is a snip and this year i will become a pro user when i start rolling out my Podcast. The price you pay is small for what could be the ultimate goal in some producers eyes, to be signed to a massive record label and who knows you could be playing some of the biggest stages or festivals in the world thanks to the Soundcloud platform.
So the question i ask for my readers is, Is Soundcloud the best way for people to hear your mixes and tunes? Is there a better platform out there for upcoming producers and DJs.

My conclusion is that Soundcloud for me is the best untapped source for producers and tracks. Free downloads of tracks that could easily be of a quality that could be played in clubs and festivals. I have found thousands of tunes that i have downloaded and i have fell in love with.

You could easily make a mix of just Soundcloud free downloads and people would think a big name producers have mixed or produced. As you can guess i love Soundcloud and think it is a fantastic tool, a fantastic promotion of peoples talents.

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