Music is reality said Ben Prada on Endeavour Radio

Director Endeavour

Dylan Taylor

On The 30th October Boston Radio Station presenter Katy Manning invited Ben Prada on interview on her Dance Special Show.

Ben Prada arrived at Endevour Radio at 10am with caffe’s said Katy Manning, ‘Interview is about getting local Talent also said Katy Manning, as she held regular shows at Endevour Radio. 

Katy prepared great number’s of questions for Ben Prada as he answers.

Great character has so much to say about music and great with classics’ said Ben Prada about Kathy and her welcome. as we see they both are in comfort discussing thru answers.

Notice Ben Prada going nervous as soon as he hear’s the word nervous says Kathy, he spills his caffe.

Also Ben informed us that there is new project on talk with Dylan Taylor the head of Endeavour so we are looking in to collaboration between the Radio Endeavour  and Ben Prada weekdays show. sponsor coming as  Universal Grooves the Label.

About Media Emperor

You need leverage. Whether it’s artwork, mixing, cinematography, or promotion, you must have something else to offer. I have an extensive background in the bar/restaurant/nightclub mainly i grow up in the Hospitality industry, Nationally and Internationally, however now my focus is on Internet Marketing, Promotions, Music Productions and Mentoring, DJing Organising shows and wear tons of other hats in the industry. Hakan Nurhak.
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