Now active: Music Manager Forum Group & IMMF Group on Music2Deal


Both groups are founded by the IMMF.

The IMMF is the umbrella Executive Organisation utilising a collaborative network of MMF National Organisations from over 22 countries comprising of over 1,000 individual entertainment manager members. The IMMF connects music managers around the world to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.

The Music Manager Forum Group just started with 39 members.


This group is for networking and exchange of information for the member of the 17 Music Managers Forums around the world. Moreover it is a place to contact MMF managers.

The  IMMF Group just started with 90 members.


The International Music Manager’s Forum (IMMF) represents featured artist music managers and through them the featured artists (performers and authors) themselves.

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Ex-finance Ops, now following my passions, all of them in all of their guises. 'Keep moving forward', one mantra, just one.
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