Ben Prada – Our Lives

We all followed Ben Prada after he released his first single “Control the Universe. Now, we see ourself liking his second single called “Our Lives”. The timing was just perfect as the summer is coming pretty soon, the way Ben changes his vibes keeping his EDM style with a more soft electro track with amazing vocals.

It starts off softly with a guitar-light lead intro, it reminds me of a 80s ballad but with a Ben Prada twist (obviously). With a perfect balanced synth, followed by the guitar-light lead, makes this track absolutely amazing. What caught us off guard was the way it’s put together, a intro you can dance to, followed by a different intro with the vocals, and finally, all put together, making this track surprisingly different, in a good way. Overall, a pretty decent track.
“Our Lives” the second Single from Ben Prada, is a vibrating and emotional track filled with passion and pursuit of happiness and a better live.

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