First Response Security

First response

First Response Security Solutions always provide SIA (Security Industry Authority) trained and registered Door Supervisors for any venue required. We also specialise in high profile corporate events. Our goal is to satisfy the client’s needs and, above all ensure the security of the venues clientele by supplying high quality door supervisors.

All First Response Security Solutions Door Supervisors are uniformed, smart and approachable. As Door Supervisors are the first people encountered by guests we feel its paramount to create the right impression for the client. All First Response Security Solutions Door Supervisors are trained to the highest standard and regularly receive continuation training in First Aid, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention.

First Response Security Solutions Door Supervisors ensure that the proceedings of an event go well, minimising conflict and dealing with any potential threats to the safety of people present.
First Response Security Solutions provide fully licensed door supervisors throughout the UK to: Public Houses – Nightclubs – Restaurants & Bars – Private Events – Award Ceremonies – Hotels – Corporate Functions – Cinemas & Theatres – Museums – Private Members’ Clubs – Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums – Auction Houses

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