Soner Tursoy Babutsa known as DJ SonnyB born and raised in Cyprus.Playing music since I was 15years old.I started playing with 2 stereo system and doing basement parties.Through out the years I progressed from doing house parties,to doing mobile work but that was unfulfilling due to the fact that i felt my creative energies were stifled.Playing top 100 charts song is robotic and uncreative.Going to clubs like the garage, the loft, bonds International, the funhouse,gothams,ect..,and what I saw I was inspired by the energy that could be harnessed and released back to the crowd.This was my calling,as you know there were no venus to support unknown dj’s at the time,so I let it go but I looked forward to the day that I could share my love I came across house during the original summer of love in 1998. Having been a couple of House warehouse parties, where DJ’s like Rocky and Diesel and Danny Ramplin were playing I soon realised that house was my new love.I am a house head from my head all the way to my toes.Music has always been a big part of my life from a very young age. Also I was singer,songwriter,producer in a successful Turkish band called “BABUTSA”

About Media Emperor

You need leverage. Whether it’s artwork, mixing, cinematography, or promotion, you must have something else to offer. I have an extensive background in the bar/restaurant/nightclub mainly i grow up in the Hospitality industry, Nationally and Internationally, however now my focus is on Internet Marketing, Promotions, Music Productions and Mentoring, DJing Organising shows and wear tons of other hats in the industry. Hakan Nurhak.
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    Sonny B, One of the Best DJ/Producer coming to Boston to perform a evening at Pirana, His latest singles, Cant Have You Anymore and Bring it Down going huge this summer, Sonny B also informed us that he will be performing some exclusive tracks first time here in Pirana, if you are House music fan and you love dancing, Join this Event and maximise the Fun, Pirana will be open from 10pm and door fee will be £6. We recommend everyone to dress to impress.

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