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Do it Right by Ivan

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. The 22 years old upcoming DJ/Producer Edgar Oliveira aka Ivan started his love for music in his early 15 leading him on the production side at the age of 17. Edgar was put in an orphanage when he was 4 years old and only came out 10 years after. He had a really though education, so, music always been a way out for him. At the age of 14, Edgar moved to his grandma’s house on the south side of Lisbon, in a neighbourhood called (Quinta da Fonte da Prada). There, he started to grow a bigger passion for music when at school heard this uplifting and bouncing music called “Kuduro” (an African music created in Angola), then 1 year after, surrounded with this amazing African atmosphere, Edgar start producing with one of his best friend Marcio aka MarzSilver (Rapper/Producer in London). The years went by and the passion for music was growing faster and faster, Edgar realised that his skills would never be appreciated in Portugal so he went to United Kingdom where he forgot his roots and quickly changed his style to hip hop. After 5 years in England working in a factory and still producing in his bedroom, Edgar had great hip hop productions and was able to edit and thrive other styles of music productions,  Hakan was impressed with Edgar’s ability to produce and passion to understand music with in.  Hakan been mentoring and partnering Edgar since August 2014, Edgar is ready for National bookings and organisations, Edgar produces and mixes Deep, Tech, Uplifting, Future, House music.



About Media Emperor

You need leverage. Whether it’s artwork, mixing, cinematography, or promotion, you must have something else to offer. I have an extensive background in the bar/restaurant/nightclub mainly i grow up in the Hospitality industry, Nationally and Internationally, however now my focus is on Internet Marketing, Promotions, Music Productions and Mentoring, DJing Organising shows and wear tons of other hats in the industry. Hakan Nurhak.
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4 Responses to DJ IVAN

  1. Fabio says:

    Nós te amamos ivan. estamos orgulhosos, grande DJ

  2. Emporium says:

    Reblogged this on Universal Grooves Records and commented:

    Electro – Future – House

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