Martial Guards

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Martial Guards limited
It is new established company, future bright and strong backgrounded Directors.

Martial Guards is a highly professional security organization that provides complete turn-key security solutions for demanding clients who require exceptional quality and outstanding service. On the manpower side, we provide:

Professional Security Officers available when a full time and dedicated site presence is required.
Mobile Security Patrols available when a full time security officer is impractical or cost prohibitive.
Emergency Response Services available when a timely response is required at your facility.
Why We’re the Best 
At every level of our organization, we employ Best Practices, an at least one completed disciplinary sport to ensure that we are providing our clients with the very highest levels of service quality. Here is why we are different:
Our Stringent Selection Process ensures that we start with the most capable people who will perform well in your specialized environment.
Our Industry Leading Training ensures that all Security Officers are extremely well prepared before they even arrive at your facilities.
Our Supervisory Support Structure ensures that our people are directed and supported properly while working as part of an integrated team.
Our Operations Centres coordinate all aspects of our service delivery model.
Our Client Service provides for effective two way communication that delivers exceptional results.
We know from experience that providing the best security is about having the right people for the specific job and environment. At Martial Guards, we don’t believe that a guard is a guard. Instead, we use a strategic staffing model where we determine the specific mix of skills and attributes that an individual must possess in order to be successful in each unique position

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