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How Could you get more gigs ? in 8 simple steps

If you want to get more gigs, then you must know certain marketing techniques to be able to do this and you must offer different services to other disc jockeys

  1. Design a unique selling proposition (USP) that makes you different from any other disc jockey.
  2. Decide what things you do differently and better than your competitors, and design a scheme to let people know about these things.
  3. Start by volunteering to DJ events at less than your Normal Price
  4. Network with anyone you know who might be able to get you gigs.
  5. Continue honing your techniques so that when you do get a job, people will be impressed and give you good referrals to other potential customers.
  6. Don’t book a once in a lifetime event when you are under qualified.
  7. Work with a Professional company before you go out and run real events.
  8. Most events require both a Disc Jockey and more importantly an Microphone Controller – make sure you can do both or have someone who can


Wedding DJ Advice:

  • Weddings are more expensive because they require more pre-planning and experience MCing. Work weddings with an experienced DJ before taking your own on and possibly ruining a special day.
  • Sit down for at least one hour with your clients before agreeing to do a wedding. Provide a questionnaire to make sure key points are communicated and that all will be happy.
  • Example: Well, you know how most Disc Jockeys charge a premium rate for Weddings, well what we do is not charge you this rate. You save…DJ’s give them more Value for their money…

About Media Emperor

You need leverage. Whether it’s artwork, mixing, cinematography, or promotion, you must have something else to offer. I have an extensive background in the bar/restaurant/nightclub mainly i grow up in the Hospitality industry, Nationally and Internationally, however now my focus is on Internet Marketing, Promotions, Music Productions and Mentoring, DJing Organising shows and wear tons of other hats in the industry. Hakan Nurhak.
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