About us

Media Emperor is England registered private limited company
We are all about Online Marketing, Audio Publishing and independent Journalism .
Company founded by Hakan Nurhak in 2013.


ugr bda

Best DJ Agency
Universal Grooves
Electro Dance Chart
Best DJ Awards 
DJ Start Up 

We are always on the look out for ambitious music lovers to join our team, regardless of where you are, if you have attention to detail in music, then we have various positions for you. Contact us with your CV see how we can develop your skills and join us.

Our team is small but motivated. Our support team will be pleased to answer your questions about the Media Publishing promotion services we offer.
London office Boston OfficeBy using online forms you can reach us 24/7.

What ever the reason mail us and see if we can help thru promotions on any publishing enquiries.

If you would like more information about career options you can visit our  Career Page 

Press Enquiries

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